13.9.2016 Introduction of contextual study

Today is our first contextual study lesson in this year. I have learned that artist work will always influenced by its life experience and its background. In this lesson, we are going to give our own opinion and make evaluation on artist work.

1999 Alexander McQueen spring fashion show 

Art can be expressed in many way. “For example the spring fashion show of Alexander McQueen in 1999 at Metropolitan Museum in New York.About these fashion show , ‘Art class ‘ is its theme which have combined art and  fashion. McQueen has influenced by Art & Craft Movement.”(school’s powerpoint information)  In the fashion show he has used the machine gun (robot) to spray on the model’s white dress. At the same time model have show a scared face and posing in some modern ballet pose with a sad classic music. This preferment  created a large imagine area . It could be a metaphor of war. As when the machine gun spraying on the model, it just like shooting someone. It could be a metaphor of rejection of industry. “As the show is based on Art & Craft Movement which is about discussing the use of facilities in art or craft.”(V&A museum) In this show , McQueen have used classic music and ballet to be the background music and the movement of the model. Therefore I guess he is oppose to use many modern machine machines in fashion industry. By combining these 2 guesses I think he may showing the industry may kill the fashion industry.

In this lesson , we have not only talk about the fashion show and also the different art piece which have well shown that art can be expressed in many different way.

Shooting into the corner, Anish Kapoor ,(2008-2009)

“About our group, we are look at Anish Kapoor ’s artwork ‘ Shooting into the corner’ (2008-2009). In this art work he has cooperate with a team of engineers as to be a part of his work . The engineer will shoot 11-kilogram ball of wax will be shoot out during the exhibition.”(e-flux.com)

We think it is a piece described the war. It is because it has gotten and set up which is looked like the fort (that machine) and the shooting process. The wax is  packed like the artillery shell and in a red color which just like war. The process of shooting is slow which have created a pressure and intense to the audience .Also it has a large voice when the wax was shooting out, which have push the atmosphere. These have caught the attention of the audience and made they note the war is happening. It didn’t have any background music which have created a serious mode there. Also the machine is shooting to the corner which have brought a sad feeling as it have showed that you cannot escape. These made me felt people were waiting for dead during the war.

Other than the meaning of the painting, I think it still got an amazing tension created by the material , space and colour. First, there were a contrast created out by using the wax and the meaning of the artwork. Wax is a kind of material that we usually use in our childhood so it is quite a kind of childish material. However in these art piece , it is using to be the artillery shell to shoot into the corner, to describe war is bloody, sad and cruel.These have made a contrast of the material and the meaning it going to show which I the cruel of humanity . By using these expressing way it has created a strong tension .


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