4.10.2016 Abstract Expressionism

In today lesson ,we are talking about “abstract expressionism”.” It is an art movement during 1943 to 1965.It is a new form of abstract art which developed by American painters like Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Willem de Kooning.This movement is flourished in New York so it is as known as New York school too.This movement was talking about expressing the emotion.As it was happened just after the WWII so this styles showed the anxiety and trauma created by war. This style is influenced by surrealism. However it is focusing  on showing their understanding in painting and questing and balance the self-expression and the mass of the unconscious.”(Tate and powerpoint form class)

“In this movement it can divide to 2 parts which is action painting and colour field painting.”(Tate and powerpoint form class)To start with action painting ,Jackson Pollock most be most well-known artist of action painting. “Action painting is the art form showing self-emotion by using the body movement to create brushstrokes  and dripping paint on the canvas and Jackson Pollock is famous on these kind of painting process which is dripping the colour on the canvases  on his studio floor.Jackson Pollock is american painter who born in cody,Wyoming in 1912.”(Tate and powerpoint form class)

Autumn Rhythm(number 30),Jackson Pollock,1950

Autumn Rhythm is my favourite Jackson Pollock’s piece.  As I think it is simple and strong. Jackson Pollock has only used the simple colour with a low colour value such as the khaki, black and white .I think the simple colour have helped the painting look unify. also the colour used has also echoed to the title of the painting which is the autumn rhythm. other than this , this is a strong piece of art to express the emotion as Jackson Pollock have dripping painting in a thick layer with on rule. I think this has really strongly express his emotion. As he is creating the painting by the physical force which I think we usually express our emotion thought our body language .Therefore in my perspective , this is a strongly way to expressing emotion. As well as this I think this piece have a great visual outcome too. Cause it has got a great layering effect and line which just made this piece become more eye-catching.

After this let talk about Colour Field Painting which is the art form by using colour to expressing self emotion.” As abstract expressing is something about evoked the strong emotional reactant the audience too.Mark Rothko is one of the famous artist of colour field .He is born in Dvinsk in Russia. He is interested in mysticism and religion so he was creating the grand painting as to give the audience strong visual effect which meant to bring them in an environment of contemplative and meditative space and let them to get in their own area and inspire them to think.”(theartstory.org)

No.61 (Rust and Blue), Mark Rothok,1953

This painting has really evoked my emotion. This is the painting created by Mark Rothko in 1953. In this painting we can clearly see it is in a dark blue base background and tone.  I think this is an eye-catching piece because of the good use of colour. In the painting artist has mostly used the low colour value colour like the dark blue and dark red .In the middle part artist have used the lighter colour which just like an inner light in that painting. I think this painting have brought me to a blue mood as it is in a dark blue base tone .It also make me feel calm I guess it is because the painting is very simple and expressing by just using colour.



In class,I have also create a Colour Field Painting to express my emotion.In this drawing I would like to keep everything simple by just using 3 colours. I am creating a small drawing which is quit different to the usual Colour Field Painting. Therefore I decided to use the vivid colour and contrast colour making line pattern drawing. I believed these can make it become eye-catching and made the audience get their interest in it. I  would like to present happy feeling by using the hot pink colour and green represent energy. I believed that it well look good to the audience.


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