11.10.2016 Pop Art

Today we are going into the next art period which is “Pop Art”. Personally this is my favourite art period too cause I really love  their expression which is combining the realism and the surrealism . I think this have created an amazing visual outcome.

Let started from the context of pop art.”This is the art movement happened during mid 1950s to early 1970s  which is about the drawing influence from the popular culture such as comic,advertising,movie and stars which mean they are going to make art by using the everyday item , mass media and mass  manufacture produces .At that period of time society was ruled by conformity which is just boring and in a stifling order. The artist think they should think out of the boxes jump out the things that they were taught at art school and the thing appeared in the museums. So they started to look at the popular culture and pop art appear.In addition this art movement have also related to different social issue such as the Vietnam war and mass production , civil right and women’s liberation.As well as this, in this art period, there also have some brilliant artist such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein,Richard Hamilton,etc.”(Tate and info. for powerpoint)Personally, I think pop art has influenced by Dadaism too as Marcel Duchamp’s works have given a great influence to the whole art industry as it has challenged the performing way of art as he using really made object which produce in the factory.

In my perspective, Andy Warhol has my favourite artist in pop art. As I think he has successfully combined adverting, painting and graphics with a meaningful meaning and expressing it in a humour way.”He is an american painter , film-maker and author who born in Pittsburgh,1928. His most well-known piece of work is Campbell’s Soup Cans which created in 1962.”(Tate)

Campbell’s Soup Cans ,Andy Warhol ,1962

In this series of painting ,it showed the industry and the mass production. In this painting  Warhol has made 32 painting of Campbell’s Soup Cans in showed at the same time which just made the exhibition look like a grocery aisle as there will have the same kind of produce displacing on shelves.As well as this, Warhol have painting the “Campbell’s Soup Cans in 32 piece as there were 32 different flavour sold in stall in that period of time.”(Moma) I really love the idea of this painting as I think it has show the mass produce but also the self production at the same time .It is because Campbell’s Soup Cans is representing mass produce , at the same time Warhol was doing the hand-painted painting represent the self production. I think these expression created a strong contract. As the hand painting represented the old day which machine didn’t appear but Warhol have painted the produce come out form the factory. So this was so interesting and eye-catching .

On the other hand I also interested in Roy Lichtenstein’s works which in influenced by comic.

Drowning Girl,Roy Lichtenstein,1963

“In my perspective, Lichtenstein’s works have strongly show the popular at that time because in this work he has doing some copying of the illustration on the comic book story’ run for love’.”(Moma) he just appropriated the drawing ,enlarge it and crop it in just one women face who is drowning  in the sea . Also he has changed the caption too as to make it be more popular and comment to fit general public value. I like this painting is because it created contrast on mass produce and hand made item too. Comic book is produced by painting in factory however Lichtenstein is working with hand , even paint the ben-day dots by hand and made it in a grand piece which just let audiences get in to the mood and link up to popular culture.

Compare to these two painting I think  both of them strong show the popular culture at that time and show the idea of mass production.They were creating their painting in simple line and colour but no tone . These have made the painting become symbolist and graphic . Also both of them were just take the image form the everyday object or form the popular culture . However I think the difference of them were words , one is using words one is just image.


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