18.10.2016 Minimalism

“In today lesson we started to studied about minimalism which is the art period influence by Russian Constructivism and Marcel Duchamp’s ready made object. Minimalism is total different to abstract expressionists. As minimalism is not going to show the personal emotion, idea and story in painting . Minimalism even not going to use colour as colour can express different feeling . Therefore minimalist is somethings about simplify .Minimalism has been used in many different area such as architect,graphic,performing art and etc .”(info from school powerpoint and Tate)

Personally, I think Frank Stella has successfully shown minimalist in painting of the series of black painting.

The marriage of Reason and Squalor,Frank Stella,1959

In this painting ,artist just painting the paint in black bands with a parallel spacing by hand painting which created the repeating pattern in a U-shape. In my perspective ,artist just used the element with no symbolic meaning in this painting like the square form line and the black colour.He was just painting without presenting any other think or himself in it which is total minimalism .As the result I really love this painting as it has successfully showed the definition of minimalist which a good visual outcome . Also I think artist have made a huge piece of work which was eye-catching and attractive.Additionally,I believed the huge piece and be more easily bring the audience in to the mood of simplistic.

Equivalent VIII ,Carl Andre ,1966

Other than this master piece , Carl Andre’s work,”Equivalent VIII” is has also get my interest.

As  I think it is a similar piece of Duchamp’s work as the artist just put the brick neatly in an exhibition which was really new and incredible to happen in the exhibition at that time .It showed minimalist strongly in a very creative way which is using the original shape of brick to represent the minimalist which in a square shape .These has caught my attention  and made my interest of it!




In class we have also discussed about minimalism in the modern society

In class, we have all about the magazine page in minimalism and the colourful layout. Personally, I am more interest in the colour style as I think it is more eyes catching and interesting .Also it has a strong layering effect which just made this page become rich. As well as this I think it is a bit in a pop art style too.

About the magazine in minimalism style , I think it is good but not getting my interest. As in this layout it has  strongly express the message as it don’t have any decoration and other information . As the result context has clearly shown.However  personally I think it is too boring for my so I am not really interesting in colourful things.


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