conceptual and land art

In today lesson we are having a lesson about conceptual and land art.

“Begin with concept art which started from 1960s till now.It is mostly influence by minimalism and Marcel Duchamp’s work. Concept is mean idea.Conceptual art is mean idea art.artist is creating art about art itself and about idea with less limitations .”(Tate and the info form school powerpoint)

Clock (One and Five), English/Latin Version (Exhibition Version) 1965, 1997 by Joseph Kosuth born 1945
Joseph Kosuth,Clock(One and Five),1965,1997


Personally, I think it is the perfect simple of showing the conceptual art.In this piece, artist have used 5 different element which is the photo of clock, the mass produced clock, text about the definition of  clock,machination and object from English-Latin dictionary. “(Tate)In these work,artist have used a lot of different elements in the art piece but none of it is really made by artist himself. It used the mass produce clock which mean artist can just easy buy it and the definition of those words were also some resources we can find it easy. The only thing artist have  done maybe given the idea and take the photo of the clock which strongly show the core idea of conceptual art is concept either having a perfect skill or an amazing visual outcome anymore. Also this piece have also show an other vital idea of conceptual art which is push the limitation. Artist used range of material like the text, photo and 3d object which is very difference which I think it has successfully present the idea of less limitation.

In my own opinion , these work is very interesting as artist have exhibiting a clock in different way which is quick challenge to the audience. As clock can be a symbol of time but time is think very abstract . The texts, photo and 3d clock is showing the different dimension like the 1D,2D,3D which have made me question about the reality and time. However artist is using a very clear way to show this object which is like the definition and the mass produce object which is easily made . They were very difference and I think this have create the tension and made this piece become really attractive to me .

The other interesting piece of work which really attract me which is  René Magritte’s painting The Two Mysteries.

The two mysteries ,Rene Magritte ,1966

This is my favourite drawing of conceptual art as it’s complexed idea of challenging audience thought a traditional media painting. I believe this is the following piece of “The treachery of images”. It is because the”The treachery of images” is also include in this painting. iI really love this painting as it has challenge the idea of what is really. As in this painting “The treachery of images”was hold on an easel in a room with a purple background and a wooden floor. On the wall their have also got a copy of the pipe in “The treachery of images”.First of all, let talk about ‘The treachery of images’.” It is painting with a pipe and a sentence”Ceci n’est pas une pipe” which is mean “This is not a pipe.” in French”( .It is a interesting piece as it is challenging us as we can clearly see that is a pipe but the description told us we are wrong. These just question about the idea of object itself, the idea of language, the idea of how we view the world, how we think which is inspiring  and smart. As artist only use two simple element to show such a deep question. I love this painting but I am more adore to “the two mysteries “. As I think it has not only show the idea of  what “The treachery of images” shown but also something about the reality and the idea of appearing and space. As there are a painting inside a painting and the  pipe on wall have also amazing reacted and stronger the idea from “The treachery of images”. In this painting easel had successful sepreate the two area fro me it just like representing the reality and the painting and the pipe on wall have strong reacted to the “The treachery of images”. “The treachery of images” have brought the idea of object itself and in this so if pipe in”The treachery of images”is not pipe then what isthe object in painting and what is the obect in wall which have stronger the idea of idea and meaning. Also made the drawing present a more abstraction idea.’

Additionally, artist created a beautiful colour used and composition. Artist changed the original background of “The treachery of images” from brown to black which have a high colour value.This have made “The treachery of images”be come pop out in “The Two Mysteries”. Also I like the idea of using easel to created the layer of space in the painting.making

As well as conceptual art, we have also talk about land art in class.”Land art is about making the art piece directly in the landscape, making sculpture by using the natural material we can find in nature.”(Tate and the info form school powerpoint)

“Richard Long is the most well-known artist in making land art and record them by using photography.”(Tate)


Six stone circles,Richard long,1981

In this art piece ,Richard Long have used the natural material , stone and created 6 circles in an environment surrounding with trees and plants. Personally, I love this piece as the c between combination of natural and man-made. As this prefect repeating circle is impossible to appear in natural .However as it was had by the natural material artist found in nature which make them reasonable to stay there. The appearance of the six stone circles is just like a kind of contrast and this tension made me love it. Also I think I have also given a feeling of the ancient region stuff which is quite interesting.

In addition I have also try to made my own conceptual art


I would like to show my idea of the hateful of too competitive society which forcing people to packaging oneself which made people become same just like the mass produced product and made the society become hypocritical. I have used the package of the water to wrap it on my hand as to show these idea.

Personally, I think it is quite success as I think it has clearly present my concept and depicted the meaning of conceptual art. I didn’t used any skill on finishing my outcome but only used the package of water which I think it has shown the idea of the idea is more vital in conceptual art and skill have become less important. As well as this I think it has successfully show my idea with this water package paper. Water is the most common thing that we can bought in shop which just show my idea of people become the most common produce in shop everyone become similar. But why using the water package is because I could like to use the colourless colour of water to represent the idea of in this competitive society people losing their own character, which just like colourless .Therefore I really love my own work.


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