6.12.2017 Turner prizes

Turner prizes is hold in Tate modern. As it is one of the most famous and important art prize over the world. I believe this will be great for me to learn what is a good pieces of contemporary art .

Before I have gone to the exhibition, I have done some research first which help me to get a basic information of the exhibit in the show and get a better understanding when I go there which is because I think sometimes is quite difficult to understand concept and idea of the contemporary art piece.

“Additionally, I found that the name of turner prizes is come from a famous artist who call  J. M. W.Turner which is because he is a famous British romanticism and landscape painter in 19th century.As he is one of the greatest artist in the British history therefore the organization choesn his name to become the prizes name.”(Tate)There also hold an exhibition of Turner in Tate modern too.



15.11.2016 Sainsbury centre for viusal art

In today lesson we have gotten a special trip which is visiting the Sainsbury centre for visual art. “This is the centre located in Norwich which is one of the most outstanding university art galleries ,also the national centre for study and presenting art.”(scva.ac.uk)There were holding 3 exhibition inside which is the Sainsbury family collection,Fiji-Art and Life in Pacific and the Masters of Japanese photography.I have watch the exhibition of he Sainsbury family collection,Fiji-Art and Life in Pacific it is really an amazing opportunity or us to have such useful to do some research of art and cultural. Also I think this is very useful for my project which is about pubic exhibition.

“I think it has gotten a fantastic building which is designed by Norman Foster during 1974 to 1976. It was first open in 1978 which located in the edge of campus which near to the east-west site by the River Yare. “(scva.ac.uk)It has gotten a beautiful design of combining glass and aluminum . “Personally I really loved the spacing inside as it made the audience feel relax.It may because these building is designed in open spacing neither than the tradition divisions we can find in museums. “(scva.ac.uk)  I loved the combination of glass and the metal use as this combination bring more nature light into the building and minimize the pressure brought by the metal material .I think this building is inspiring to my new project.It is about the public exhibition .I am going to do the showcase in our king street window.Therefore i have learn a lot from this building about the placement of my onward exhibition.Personally,I love the relaxing atmosphere brought by the well use of spacing and light environment inside the building which remain me to think about my own exhibition area. I found that it will be vital to found out how will the environment and lighting reacted to my art piece and what kind of feel will it show.

I have choose 6 exhibit which have interested me and really inspired to my onward project.

Little prince , John Davies,1972-1973

This is my favorite one of the whole collection here.It is because of the prefect texture of skin and wonderful colouring skill of human face. To be honest, it is a bit creepy and extremely attractive to place only a reality head sculpture in an independent space which just like minimize the other spacing area and catch our attention on it. It is interesting that there are a mask cover on the skin with a rough texture. In my point of view, it is just like remaining to the audience this is only the sculpture neither a real one and also brought an idea of hiding identity and how he look. Additionally this the rough mask have a very different texture to the other surface of sculpture . It is around eyes ,so it made that area pop out which create an interesting visual effect. I have create a shadow to hiding eyes but pop out that area at the same time which is contradiction which created the interest and made me force on his eyes which is look very reality too.This is a piece full of tension as there are a lot of contradiction part which created contrast and this is the reason way it is my favourite exhibit in the centre. As well as this it has inspired me about the importance of creating contrast and tension in my outcome therefore it will become attractive. Also it inspired me about the idea of reality which is made an extremely real outcome may look good too as nowadays art have become more abstract. Reality maybe an element to help my piece become more attractive.

Head of Gerda Boehm ,Frank Auerbach,1964

This is the other one I adored.Artist have created incredible use of color pigment in this painting.He created a face by using  thick layer of colour which look like cream when the audiences stand closely.It is abstract when we stand really close to the painting but when we stand a bit farther we can clear saw the face. This have create tension which is really amazing . In addition it has shown artist great controls of colour pigment as he has created the beautiful detail by using the texture of pigment but also the from and sharp of the human face.As well as this it has show painting in a new idea as it can be a bit 3d too neither than only flat. It inspired me an idea of make something new based on the traditional media or method. As the traditional media or method that audiences know and get use to .Doing something new on it can bring freshness to the audience and made them have a good experience with modern art.

Little dancer aged fourteen ,Edgar Degas ,1880-1881

This the piece which I think it is interesting as the combination of the idea of bronze sculpture and fabric eye-catching. Artist has done a great job on dealing  with the fabric material which make it look old and become unified to the bronze sculpture. I love this sculpture is because I think it has the classic art in an elegant  method which is using the traditional sculpture material which is the bronze and smartly combine with the fabric which have brought a superb outlook of the ballet dress and also brought a historic feeling. These piece have remain the used of material which I can try to explore different material and combine them together and find out how did they reacted to each other.


Two figures in room ,Francis Bacon ,1959

In this painting , it showed the admirable way to present human body form and the colour.  In the painting , artist has mainly used 2 tone which is red and green. They were the contrast colour which can easily create a huge tension and made the painting become superb attractive. Artist has use a lot of red in the background and used brushstroke to create the fluffy texture of carpet and then use the mixture of white and green color to do the wall and separate them and the human body by using a thick green line. I think it is very smart to just using simple colour to created an attractive painting. And it is also an excellent idea to just red more in the painting as it is the primary colour which will have the higher colour value than green which men it will be more attractive to paint a lager area in red either than using green. Other than this red is also the warm colour, therefore it will bring a more comfortable feeling than using green colour.

About the human body , artist have only done one human body in detail by using the imaginary colour which is mainly using red to do the shadow and the most darkest part is using green. This colour use have make the painting  become simpler and because of the contrast colour it has made this figure become more eye-catching. About human body art just use 2 colour in a very simple way to create the idea of human which is using green to be the background of the human body and then just using simple line to created the structure of the body.I think this way is just brilliant as it has simplify created the idea of human body at the same time made the more detail drawn figure become pop out in the painting.

This painting inspired me about colour. How can I use colour to create an attractive exhibit in my showcase also the colour relation and feeling brought by colour. This maybe the importance part to explore during my process of my own exhibit.

portrait of Lisa ,Francis Bacon,1957

In this painting, I really love the colour use of the portrait . These is the more traditional portrait which is based on the black colour background. the lighter skin colour really look good with the contrast created. artist was using imaginary colour in these painting.The brushstroke have totally adored me as it look rough , a bit massive but full of artist personal style. It look amazing and strong show artist in this painting by using  brushstroke. This painting  inspired me about style .About my exhibition item , am I going to create a stylish painting or outcome ? In my perspective, this is an important idea to think about. It is because these maybe my first official exhibition. Therefore this will be the important question to think about as it may affect my onward style and career .


Caryatid, Amedeo Modigliazil, 1913

This is my favourite human body figure in the whole exhibition . As it is in the abstract form with curly line which have shown the signification character of female which is the soft body.Other than this , artist has only used mostly line drawing and a little bit tone to create this figure.As will as this it has used the thickness of line to stronger the whole image.This drawing have inspired me to think about the importance of showing the characteristic and line.


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Compare and contrast two portrait

In today lesson , we would like to developing on the difference between the 2 portrait.

Portrait of Joseph Roulin, Vincent Van Gogh,1889

This painting has depicted the closed friend of Van Gogh,  Joseph Roulin. when Van Gogh have moved to Arles in 1888, he has kept a good relationship with Roulin family . They have become subject in Van Gogh painting.”(moma.org)

In this painting ,It is a topical van Gogh style which is using imaginary colour with the short line and pattern.  Van Gogh have used the cool colour in the whole painting. I think this have made the painting become unify and brought a calm feeling to the audience. Meanwhile he has used the mixture of green and grey colour to be the base of the skin which is intelligent as this have made the red blush pop out and the brown based beard become attractive.

Also I really like how did Van Gogh put the colour and create texture. Van Gogh was using the line to create the villi capillary skin texture and use thicker line on bread which is a bit symbolical but strongly show its texture and the difference of value too. Additionally he kept using this short line pattern on cloth and hat too which had successfully created a strong texture feeling and unified the whole painting.

“Concerning to the background, Van Gogh have used the imaginative backdrop of swirling flower and the repeating background which Van Gogh call the modern portrait”(moma.org) In my perspectival, it has make this painting be more decorative and have a strong pattern effect. As Van Gogh not only use the swirling flowers but also the repeating circle pattern which made this painting look like the print on the fabric. Also it has rejected the depth in the painting and made the painting become flat .These is very different to the traditional painting as it is more decorative. And I really love this fresh feeling.

Portrait of a man with Cat Ears, Richard Aldrich,2014

This a painting form Richard Aldrich which look abrstract. As we can see it is very different to Van Gogh’s work. This is a totally abstract painting as other than the title we cannot even see a face or the cat .Aldrich have created  a rough and wide brushstroke which is less control which a very watery pigment and created the dropping effect. Also this paint have a good layering effect as Aldrich didn’t mix the colour, they were most in the colour block therefore it has clearly show the layer.

Other than this, I really love Aldrich’s colour used. He had used pantone and grey colour in this drawing which is perfectly combine together. the colour have made te painting become very comfortable and unify. Also I think artist have greatly to colour to express value and feeling as artist have mostly use the primary colour which will be more attractive.  In addition, Artist  created different energy in this painting like the sunny feeling of yellow and the sad feeling from grey color which has create contrast.

By comparing two painting, I think both of them were really difference.Both of them are not real reality but Van Gogh’s one have a clear from, Aldrich’s one is totally abstract. I  think both of them have a great colour use as they were using imaginary colour. Both of them have created an amazing texture one is more water , one is more pattern. However I think I love Van Gogh’s painting more as I think it will be better show a face in a portrait painting.


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conceptual and land art

In today lesson we are having a lesson about conceptual and land art.

“Begin with concept art which started from 1960s till now.It is mostly influence by minimalism and Marcel Duchamp’s work. Concept is mean idea.Conceptual art is mean idea art.artist is creating art about art itself and about idea with less limitations .”(Tate and the info form school powerpoint)

Clock (One and Five), English/Latin Version (Exhibition Version) 1965, 1997 by Joseph Kosuth born 1945
Joseph Kosuth,Clock(One and Five),1965,1997


Personally, I think it is the perfect simple of showing the conceptual art.In this piece, artist have used 5 different element which is the photo of clock, the mass produced clock, text about the definition of  clock,machination and object from English-Latin dictionary. “(Tate)In these work,artist have used a lot of different elements in the art piece but none of it is really made by artist himself. It used the mass produce clock which mean artist can just easy buy it and the definition of those words were also some resources we can find it easy. The only thing artist have  done maybe given the idea and take the photo of the clock which strongly show the core idea of conceptual art is concept either having a perfect skill or an amazing visual outcome anymore. Also this piece have also show an other vital idea of conceptual art which is push the limitation. Artist used range of material like the text, photo and 3d object which is very difference which I think it has successfully present the idea of less limitation.

In my own opinion , these work is very interesting as artist have exhibiting a clock in different way which is quick challenge to the audience. As clock can be a symbol of time but time is think very abstract . The texts, photo and 3d clock is showing the different dimension like the 1D,2D,3D which have made me question about the reality and time. However artist is using a very clear way to show this object which is like the definition and the mass produce object which is easily made . They were very difference and I think this have create the tension and made this piece become really attractive to me .

The other interesting piece of work which really attract me which is  René Magritte’s painting The Two Mysteries.

The two mysteries ,Rene Magritte ,1966

This is my favourite drawing of conceptual art as it’s complexed idea of challenging audience thought a traditional media painting. I believe this is the following piece of “The treachery of images”. It is because the”The treachery of images” is also include in this painting. iI really love this painting as it has challenge the idea of what is really. As in this painting “The treachery of images”was hold on an easel in a room with a purple background and a wooden floor. On the wall their have also got a copy of the pipe in “The treachery of images”.First of all, let talk about ‘The treachery of images’.” It is painting with a pipe and a sentence”Ceci n’est pas une pipe” which is mean “This is not a pipe.” in French”(Renemagritte.org) .It is a interesting piece as it is challenging us as we can clearly see that is a pipe but the description told us we are wrong. These just question about the idea of object itself, the idea of language, the idea of how we view the world, how we think which is inspiring  and smart. As artist only use two simple element to show such a deep question. I love this painting but I am more adore to “the two mysteries “. As I think it has not only show the idea of  what “The treachery of images” shown but also something about the reality and the idea of appearing and space. As there are a painting inside a painting and the  pipe on wall have also amazing reacted and stronger the idea from “The treachery of images”. In this painting easel had successful sepreate the two area fro me it just like representing the reality and the painting and the pipe on wall have strong reacted to the “The treachery of images”. “The treachery of images” have brought the idea of object itself and in this so if pipe in”The treachery of images”is not pipe then what isthe object in painting and what is the obect in wall which have stronger the idea of idea and meaning. Also made the drawing present a more abstraction idea.’

Additionally, artist created a beautiful colour used and composition. Artist changed the original background of “The treachery of images” from brown to black which have a high colour value.This have made “The treachery of images”be come pop out in “The Two Mysteries”. Also I like the idea of using easel to created the layer of space in the painting.making

As well as conceptual art, we have also talk about land art in class.”Land art is about making the art piece directly in the landscape, making sculpture by using the natural material we can find in nature.”(Tate and the info form school powerpoint)

“Richard Long is the most well-known artist in making land art and record them by using photography.”(Tate)


Six stone circles,Richard long,1981

In this art piece ,Richard Long have used the natural material , stone and created 6 circles in an environment surrounding with trees and plants. Personally, I love this piece as the c between combination of natural and man-made. As this prefect repeating circle is impossible to appear in natural .However as it was had by the natural material artist found in nature which make them reasonable to stay there. The appearance of the six stone circles is just like a kind of contrast and this tension made me love it. Also I think I have also given a feeling of the ancient region stuff which is quite interesting.

In addition I have also try to made my own conceptual art


I would like to show my idea of the hateful of too competitive society which forcing people to packaging oneself which made people become same just like the mass produced product and made the society become hypocritical. I have used the package of the water to wrap it on my hand as to show these idea.

Personally, I think it is quite success as I think it has clearly present my concept and depicted the meaning of conceptual art. I didn’t used any skill on finishing my outcome but only used the package of water which I think it has shown the idea of the idea is more vital in conceptual art and skill have become less important. As well as this I think it has successfully show my idea with this water package paper. Water is the most common thing that we can bought in shop which just show my idea of people become the most common produce in shop everyone become similar. But why using the water package is because I could like to use the colourless colour of water to represent the idea of in this competitive society people losing their own character, which just like colourless .Therefore I really love my own work.


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18.10.2016 Minimalism

“In today lesson we started to studied about minimalism which is the art period influence by Russian Constructivism and Marcel Duchamp’s ready made object. Minimalism is total different to abstract expressionists. As minimalism is not going to show the personal emotion, idea and story in painting . Minimalism even not going to use colour as colour can express different feeling . Therefore minimalist is somethings about simplify .Minimalism has been used in many different area such as architect,graphic,performing art and etc .”(info from school powerpoint and Tate)

Personally, I think Frank Stella has successfully shown minimalist in painting of the series of black painting.

The marriage of Reason and Squalor,Frank Stella,1959

In this painting ,artist just painting the paint in black bands with a parallel spacing by hand painting which created the repeating pattern in a U-shape. In my perspective ,artist just used the element with no symbolic meaning in this painting like the square form line and the black colour.He was just painting without presenting any other think or himself in it which is total minimalism .As the result I really love this painting as it has successfully showed the definition of minimalist which a good visual outcome . Also I think artist have made a huge piece of work which was eye-catching and attractive.Additionally,I believed the huge piece and be more easily bring the audience in to the mood of simplistic.

Equivalent VIII ,Carl Andre ,1966

Other than this master piece , Carl Andre’s work,”Equivalent VIII” is has also get my interest.

As  I think it is a similar piece of Duchamp’s work as the artist just put the brick neatly in an exhibition which was really new and incredible to happen in the exhibition at that time .It showed minimalist strongly in a very creative way which is using the original shape of brick to represent the minimalist which in a square shape .These has caught my attention  and made my interest of it!




In class we have also discussed about minimalism in the modern society

In class, we have all about the magazine page in minimalism and the colourful layout. Personally, I am more interest in the colour style as I think it is more eyes catching and interesting .Also it has a strong layering effect which just made this page become rich. As well as this I think it is a bit in a pop art style too.

About the magazine in minimalism style , I think it is good but not getting my interest. As in this layout it has  strongly express the message as it don’t have any decoration and other information . As the result context has clearly shown.However  personally I think it is too boring for my so I am not really interesting in colourful things.


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11.10.2016 Pop Art

Today we are going into the next art period which is “Pop Art”. Personally this is my favourite art period too cause I really love  their expression which is combining the realism and the surrealism . I think this have created an amazing visual outcome.

Let started from the context of pop art.”This is the art movement happened during mid 1950s to early 1970s  which is about the drawing influence from the popular culture such as comic,advertising,movie and stars which mean they are going to make art by using the everyday item , mass media and mass  manufacture produces .At that period of time society was ruled by conformity which is just boring and in a stifling order. The artist think they should think out of the boxes jump out the things that they were taught at art school and the thing appeared in the museums. So they started to look at the popular culture and pop art appear.In addition this art movement have also related to different social issue such as the Vietnam war and mass production , civil right and women’s liberation.As well as this, in this art period, there also have some brilliant artist such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein,Richard Hamilton,etc.”(Tate and info. for powerpoint)Personally, I think pop art has influenced by Dadaism too as Marcel Duchamp’s works have given a great influence to the whole art industry as it has challenged the performing way of art as he using really made object which produce in the factory.

In my perspective, Andy Warhol has my favourite artist in pop art. As I think he has successfully combined adverting, painting and graphics with a meaningful meaning and expressing it in a humour way.”He is an american painter , film-maker and author who born in Pittsburgh,1928. His most well-known piece of work is Campbell’s Soup Cans which created in 1962.”(Tate)

Campbell’s Soup Cans ,Andy Warhol ,1962

In this series of painting ,it showed the industry and the mass production. In this painting  Warhol has made 32 painting of Campbell’s Soup Cans in showed at the same time which just made the exhibition look like a grocery aisle as there will have the same kind of produce displacing on shelves.As well as this, Warhol have painting the “Campbell’s Soup Cans in 32 piece as there were 32 different flavour sold in stall in that period of time.”(Moma) I really love the idea of this painting as I think it has show the mass produce but also the self production at the same time .It is because Campbell’s Soup Cans is representing mass produce , at the same time Warhol was doing the hand-painted painting represent the self production. I think these expression created a strong contract. As the hand painting represented the old day which machine didn’t appear but Warhol have painted the produce come out form the factory. So this was so interesting and eye-catching .

On the other hand I also interested in Roy Lichtenstein’s works which in influenced by comic.

Drowning Girl,Roy Lichtenstein,1963

“In my perspective, Lichtenstein’s works have strongly show the popular at that time because in this work he has doing some copying of the illustration on the comic book story’ run for love’.”(Moma) he just appropriated the drawing ,enlarge it and crop it in just one women face who is drowning  in the sea . Also he has changed the caption too as to make it be more popular and comment to fit general public value. I like this painting is because it created contrast on mass produce and hand made item too. Comic book is produced by painting in factory however Lichtenstein is working with hand , even paint the ben-day dots by hand and made it in a grand piece which just let audiences get in to the mood and link up to popular culture.

Compare to these two painting I think  both of them strong show the popular culture at that time and show the idea of mass production.They were creating their painting in simple line and colour but no tone . These have made the painting become symbolist and graphic . Also both of them were just take the image form the everyday object or form the popular culture . However I think the difference of them were words , one is using words one is just image.


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4.10.2016 Abstract Expressionism

In today lesson ,we are talking about “abstract expressionism”.” It is an art movement during 1943 to 1965.It is a new form of abstract art which developed by American painters like Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Willem de Kooning.This movement is flourished in New York so it is as known as New York school too.This movement was talking about expressing the emotion.As it was happened just after the WWII so this styles showed the anxiety and trauma created by war. This style is influenced by surrealism. However it is focusing  on showing their understanding in painting and questing and balance the self-expression and the mass of the unconscious.”(Tate and powerpoint form class)

“In this movement it can divide to 2 parts which is action painting and colour field painting.”(Tate and powerpoint form class)To start with action painting ,Jackson Pollock most be most well-known artist of action painting. “Action painting is the art form showing self-emotion by using the body movement to create brushstrokes  and dripping paint on the canvas and Jackson Pollock is famous on these kind of painting process which is dripping the colour on the canvases  on his studio floor.Jackson Pollock is american painter who born in cody,Wyoming in 1912.”(Tate and powerpoint form class)

Autumn Rhythm(number 30),Jackson Pollock,1950

Autumn Rhythm is my favourite Jackson Pollock’s piece.  As I think it is simple and strong. Jackson Pollock has only used the simple colour with a low colour value such as the khaki, black and white .I think the simple colour have helped the painting look unify. also the colour used has also echoed to the title of the painting which is the autumn rhythm. other than this , this is a strong piece of art to express the emotion as Jackson Pollock have dripping painting in a thick layer with on rule. I think this has really strongly express his emotion. As he is creating the painting by the physical force which I think we usually express our emotion thought our body language .Therefore in my perspective , this is a strongly way to expressing emotion. As well as this I think this piece have a great visual outcome too. Cause it has got a great layering effect and line which just made this piece become more eye-catching.

After this let talk about Colour Field Painting which is the art form by using colour to expressing self emotion.” As abstract expressing is something about evoked the strong emotional reactant the audience too.Mark Rothko is one of the famous artist of colour field .He is born in Dvinsk in Russia. He is interested in mysticism and religion so he was creating the grand painting as to give the audience strong visual effect which meant to bring them in an environment of contemplative and meditative space and let them to get in their own area and inspire them to think.”(theartstory.org)

No.61 (Rust and Blue), Mark Rothok,1953

This painting has really evoked my emotion. This is the painting created by Mark Rothko in 1953. In this painting we can clearly see it is in a dark blue base background and tone.  I think this is an eye-catching piece because of the good use of colour. In the painting artist has mostly used the low colour value colour like the dark blue and dark red .In the middle part artist have used the lighter colour which just like an inner light in that painting. I think this painting have brought me to a blue mood as it is in a dark blue base tone .It also make me feel calm I guess it is because the painting is very simple and expressing by just using colour.



In class,I have also create a Colour Field Painting to express my emotion.In this drawing I would like to keep everything simple by just using 3 colours. I am creating a small drawing which is quit different to the usual Colour Field Painting. Therefore I decided to use the vivid colour and contrast colour making line pattern drawing. I believed these can make it become eye-catching and made the audience get their interest in it. I  would like to present happy feeling by using the hot pink colour and green represent energy. I believed that it well look good to the audience.


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